Get Inspired: 8 Things to Do Now That Finals are Over

I took my last final at 3:25 yesterday. When I came home, I was beside myself. I felt like I should be studying or writing a paper or finding a cure for cancer or maybe just giving attention to the areas of my life that have been neglected ie: my house. I started with the kitchen and then moved on to the living room, cleaning, organizing and throwing things away. My next goal is to address the overflow of laundry coming from the hamper and to perhaps read one of the magazines I have been piling up since January.

Now that school is out, you may find yourself with a little bit more time on your hands. If you’re like me, you will take this opportunity to do all of the things you should have been doing all along. However, if you are just Ms. Efficient then, here are some ways to spend your time, in case you get bored:

1.) Read a Book

2.) Catch up on your favorite TV reality show

3.) Get an Internship

4.) Volunteer

5.) Reunite with hometown friends

6.) Plan a road trip

7.) Play in the sprinkler (or make a slip and slide!)

8.) Go to an outdoor concert or music festival

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