Get Inspired: Afraid of the Cold? Never!

The forecast for Hokie Nation? Frost and chills, these are the warning signs of the ever-creeping winter season. Farewell to those light jackets which definitely aren’t enough. I see so many girls walking through campus in sweatpants, running shoes, and the ever-present VT sweatshirt. This is something I would wear lounging around my living room while watching The Hills, not something I would wear to class. See, this is my theory: If you look great going to class, you feel great during class! So here are the five key pieces I would recommend that would keep you warm and looking amazing.

1. A-Line Jacket: Think of this as a cross between a jacket and a peacoat. There are many varieties of them and this season is raving about the tartan patterns and the neutral tones. You can’t go wrong with a tan, black, or even a dark forest green. I like to think about it in terms with your hair color: My hair color is jet black so I love the classic black or the green. Some come with a scarf attached to the neckline and with that little bow attached to your throat, you’ll look just like a little Christmas present!

2. Sweater Dress: Not typical for a snowy winter, right? However, with the sweater material, it won’t be cold. And it doesn’t have to be a teeny tiny thing in order to be a dress. Sweater dresses come with long sleeves and a full neck to make sure no chill will be crawling up your spine. What about the legs? Oh, that’s numero tres!

3. Opaque Tights: I absolutely adore tights. It’s really surprising how warm these things can keep you! You can wear these under your sweater dress, shorts, or even a tartan skirt. I would recommend an opaque black to keep you warm and to slim your legs.

4. Gloves and/or Scarves: Leather gloves are an luxurious must for this season. Have you seen Prada’s multi-colored glove? If you thought leather gloves were for the diva-wannabes or for your grandmother, think again. They are making a huge hit for our generation in a way where you’ll look absolutely Parisian chic.

5. Boots: They can be tall, slouchy, ankle, whichever! Anything goes with shoes these days. But I won’t recommend suede because it won’t be all-weather. Go for something that’ll take you anywhere whether it’s dry or soaking wet outside. Trust me, when you’re rocking shoes like these, you’ll want to wear them everyday.

Oh, don’t forget about the accessories: Leggings, hats, etc. They’ll have a place in your heart soon enough. And you won’t ever have to wear pajamas to class again.

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