Get Inspired: And Get Creative!

First off, let me start by telling you that I am terrible at art. I remember getting a C for an introductory art class back in high school. A C! And everyone knows that you’re supposed to get A’s easily for electives. Yea, that’s how bad I was. And when one of my professors told me that a creative mind was needed in order to succeed in our world today, my heart sank.

We had a lecture about how since outsourcing is becoming a big thing these days (where we hire people from different countries to do most of the mechanical, mundane, and routine jobs) we need to stand out in a different way. We need to know how to be creative and use our right-brains in order to get a good secure job that won’t be taken away from us by computers or whatnots in the future.

Upon hearing that, I bought a sketchbook and a graphite pencil. I was determined to reach out and grab my right-brain and shake it no matter what in order to get my apparently non-existent art skills flowing. The first picture I drew? A house with a sun in the corner. Yep, a sun with six individual rays coming out of it. Pretty lame, huh? But I kept drawing, kept making shapes, and kept moving my pencil. It was scary but somehow I learned to draw my boyfriend’s profile in a pretty decent way. Who cares if it ended up looking like a prison photo? It looked like a human being. I was pretty impressed.

So now, I want to give you guys a challenge. Maybe you are already right-brain inclined. If that is, you should seriously jump up and shout for joy because you already have what other people are desperate to get. For others, go grab anything. If you like working with your hands than get some clay and make stuff. Or simply grab a mechanical pencil and doodle something. I personally love drawing shoes and outfits. It helps me daydream about what my dream wardrobe would be like. But this week – get creative! You’ll be surprised with what you can create.

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