Get Inspired: Be Your OWN Boss!

I’d love to own my own business and work for myself. Some of my friends have always talked about how they hate working for other people and wish they could have their own business. Sometimes it’s just normal complaining, but sometimes they’re serious. It’s hard for people who have a vision to stifle it.

One day, I hope to start a business of my own. Whether it’s owning my own magazine, a web site, or a café, I want to be my own boss. It will probably take me awhile, but I am dedicated to creating something of my own. For those of you who think it is impossible, it isn’t. Plenty of young people have started their own businesses.

BusinessWeek has a feature in their current issue about Young Entrepeneurs – all 25 or under. One name mentioned that has been tossed around freely for the past few years is Mark Zuckerberg, the twentysomething pop culture genius behind social networking site, Facebook. However, there are other young people who have started with a dream, and an idea that has exploded into a profitable business.

For example, there is Ubong Attah, who started a tutoring business in high school and then went on to create a web design firm, Studio10Fourteen, and a jewelry business. Vincent Choi and Deborah Umunnabuike, both 23, and Jessica Umunnabuike, 21, made their own vintage clothing line called Avant Gaudy. Gabriel Erbst, grew tired of not being able to eat at trendy, upscale restaurants in New York because of his demanding work schedule. So, along with buddies, Will Geronimo, 25 and Dwight Lee, 24, they designed TableXChange, which auctions table reservations online. If you want to read all of the entrepreneurs stories, go to Young Entrepreneurs on the Yahoo! Finance page.

All of these entrepreneurs have things in common. One, they didn’t let their age prevent them from creating their idea, and two, they saw a need for something that did not exist and made it a reality. Many ideas have started off just as simply that – ideas. However, as the quote goes, “an idea without action is a dream”.

If you believe in something enough, and get others to believe in it then you are on your way. Having money is a big help. If you don’t have money, try to get a bunch of people together to assist you in your business endeavors. Some plans might require a business loan from a bank, but others such as starting a jewelry making business might not.

Another tip is exploit your talents! If you are good at something, turn it into something marketable, whether it’s poetry, making jewelry, coming up with inventions, creating services, or in my case, tarot readings. If you need help advertising or with ideas get some friends to help! Many businesses started as something people didn’t think could be profitable. Most people have good ideas, but not many are brave enough to execute them.

Still skeptical? Well take 17 year old Ashley Quail (pictured above) as an example. She bought a web site off the internet for $8 bucks and transformed it into the pretty pop website which provides hundreds of layouts, graphics, cute quotes and web tutorials for internet users and is worth a few million right now. To read Ashley’s story of success, go here: Ashley Quail's story.

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