Get Inspired: Blame it on the Alcohol – or Not

In college, it’s natural for people to drink a little somethin’ somethin’ on the weekends right? I know it’s a pretty big part of any campus, and in mine where there’s so little to do besides looking at the beautiful scenery – it can be a huge part of college life.

That’s why when I was browsing through my local Barnes & Nobles, I found a book on sale called Smashed by Koren Zailckas. She’s not much older than us and already this book has become part of the New York Times Bestseller list. I was intrigued by its title and as I started reading it, it turned out even more interesting than I thought it’d be. Smashed is a Zailckas’s memoir on her life as, shall we say, borderline alcoholic? She states that this book is the “story of a drunken girlhood” and it basically outlines her life starting from her first sip at age 14 and goes through her college years at Syracuse University.

I’m not done reading this but there was something that Zailckas pointed out that made me sit back and think about. She states that “it’s the drinking that creates the scene, not the other way around”. What do you girls think about that? Do you think that the reason why girls are so inhibited and open (even the most timid ones) when they drink is because of the alcohol or because the environment makes them feel more open than ever? Is it the couple cups of beer that makes you want to kiss that boy or is it the fact that the 20 minutes you’ve spent with him was so great, it was just the right time?

It just makes you think about exactly the reasons are behind the actions caused (or not) by drinking. As always, please be careful. Even our parents are understanding when they call us one Saturday morning and we’re hungover. Drinking is inescapable in college – but how can we make ourselves, especially us ladies, smarter about our actions?

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