Get Inspired: Blog It Out!

I've always kept some type of a journal. Whether it was electronic, a small notebook, or on the Internet, I've always liked to dish out all of my thoughts and return later to read my experiences. Nowadays, people are taking their thoughts to the net and writing blogs.(This that I am typing is considered a blog.) Why do we love blogs? Well because they're not as invasive as a personal diary, but the word style is conversational, and we get a peak at others' viewpoints. Plus, blogs can be on a variety of subjects from fashion, news, sports, politics, your favorite celebrity and more! Blogs give writers more freedom than other outlets because you can write whatever you want, whenever you want and get comments back from people you don't even know. Popular web sites and companies even host blogs. Blogs aren't just for witty individuals or tech geeks anymore; professionals, politicians, companies, and prominent people are keeping blogs as well. Jumping on the bandwagon are several celebrities. Hip hop's golden child, Kanye West hosts his own blog and so do celebs like John Mayer, Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton and more.

There are lots of community blogs you can sign up for like Blogger and WordPress which are free and allow you creative freedom in terms of layout and themes. I've always had some type of a blog. Before "blogs" were big, I did posts on my old Livejournal, and after MySpace exploded on the scene, I began to use their blogs as a creative outlet. Today, I host my own blogsite on blogspot. Don't have a blog and thinking of creating one? Well here are a few tips to make your blog stand out among the rest.

1. Keep in mind that a blog is for an audience. You should write for people who may stumble upon your blog entries.

2. Have an idea. It does not have to be the most innovative blog subject on the planet, but have a direction with your blog. Do you want to focus on shoes, fashion, music, movies, makeup, your dating experiences, Lindsay Lohan? Basically you should have a focus.

3. Pictures. People may like to read what you have to say, but everyone loves a good picture or two. Or use a video from YouTube to illustrate your point.

4. Keep your word count down. Unless you're writing a highly intellectual blog for your own leisure remember that online readers have short attention spans. Readers should be able to skim your blog and automatically know what the topic is.

5. Have tough skin! Anytime you write something expressing your opinion, expect some critics. Some people will love what you have to say and follow your every last word, but others may disagree with you completely. Unless someone disrespects or says something inappropriate leave the the comment there. Blogs are not there so everyone can agree with you, it's to spark discussion.

Starting a blog can help you in many ways. One, it helps you express your thoughts and center in on your own interests. Also for any of the career-conscious chicsters out there, having a good blog can help you in your career. If you're looking to be a teacher start a blog on your views on education, if you're trying to be a fashion designer, start a blog about the latest styles hitting the streets.

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