GET INSPIRED: Bringin "Sex in the City" Back

How sad I was I when Sex in the City ended in 2004? I felt like I had just lost four of my closest friends, as I said goodbye to Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda and all of their racy sex stories and comical blunders. Well, Sex In the City is back, but not how we know it. It is coming to the big screen with a movie slated for a 2008 release.

Why am I writing about Sex in the City for a Get Inspired section? Simply because these women were inspiring. They challenged the idea of women’s sex lives and did it with candid and classy discussions among one another. Although at times they were a bit wacky as we followed them through their maze of frustrations romantically and professionally, they liberated some women’s ideas of sex and lifestyle. Although the idea of women being sexually open and confident had emerged well before Sex in the City. bringing it into the forefront made people have to talk about it. It made young women everywhere realize they were not the only ones who dealt with certain dating issues. The show was groundbreaking in uplifting women of all ages from teenagers to middle age in understanding that they are sexual beings. The show also took a risk, by taking the focus of sex off of it being a “male thing” or something males enjoy more than females, and narrowed in how women of four different personalities and lifestyles felt about sex.

As we followed the characters we also grew to love them as more than “sex crazed women”(as those unfamiliar with the show probably thought), but our friends in our minds.

The woman behind the scenes of it all was Candace Bushnell, who originally did a column entitled New York Observer. She has admitted that Carrie Bradshaw is very closely a character based off of her and her experiences. Pretty cool, huh? To have an entire character you created from yourself become such a pop culture icon?

Love it or hate it, Sex in the City was the women’s version of The Sopranos as they tuned in every week to HBO to see what would happen and who would be doing what. You can catch the show on TBS and other networks who show reruns. If you want to relive the nostalgia, log on to HBO’s Sex In the City website , or watch out for the movie!

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