Get Inspired: Buying Star Quality

It’d be cool to have something named after me. I actually have a funny dream of one day being so rich I donate to my former university as an Alumni and get a building or hall named after me. While, that happening may be simply a dream anyone of us can have a star named after us or someone else. is where my friend went for a few of her Christmas gifts. Instead of going for the usual bath and body set or gift card route she logged on the site and named a star after them. There are a few different packages called the Silver, Gold and Platinum.The basics include a U.S official issued certificate of the star you named and background information while the more expensive packages include wooden plaques, more literature about the star, CDs and astronomy kits.

The Single Star is for an individual while any lovers or close friends out there can get the Couple Stars to share the same constellation. Families can even get starry together with the Family Stars option where you can name up to 2-8 stars in the same constellation. When you purchase the star you get to pick a constellation in any of the twenty-two constellations, any of the twelve zodiac signs, Ursa Major (Big Dipper), Ursa Minor (Little Dipper), Orion and others. After choosing the constellation you also have the option to personalize the certificate with a message to the person you’re buying it for!

Makes a unique and surprising gift for anyone and even can make as a memorial for someone you know. What makes YourStar even better is the Universal Star Council Donates a portion of every purchase to children’s charities. Check out to learn about the star quality of this service.

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