Get Inspired: Cosmetics Can Help Define Personal Style

Troubled and controversial British singer Amy Winehouse, has plans to launch her own makeup line. The performer who is best known for chart hits like "Rehab", and "You Know I'm Too Good" and other soulful ballads wants to create a line of makeup and clothes. For those of us who wonder what the eccentric singer's line will consist of, a close friend of Amy's reveals that she wants to draw off of her signature look and it will include liquid eyeliner, and even hairspray (I'm assuming the type that makes her hair a foot high!) While her fashion will be inspired by her personal style of clothes she thinks people would want to wear.

As much as I love Amy's music, I think I'll be saying "no, no, no" to her makeup AND clothing line because her style is her style. She may love her overpowering beehive hairstyle (which I hear she's been asked to change by her record company for a new image), and her extra-dramatic eyeliner almost up to ears but everyone can't pull it off – I'm not even sure she can sometimes. But her style has become her own, but from what I read it claims although she often looks disheveled she's a fashion symbol in London. Interesting.

My style is sometimes dramatic eye shadow which goes with my outfit or just happens to look good that day. I've been complimented before on my ability to blend colors and wear just about any shade but it took years of experimentation to get to the point where I knew what worked for me. As much as I love it I'm not sure if I would ever get permanent makeup.

Recently, I read an article on about Cathy Klemz who opened up her own school to teach people how to perform permanent cosmetic procedures. Permanent makeup for those that are unfamiliar is similar to getting a tattoo where you get it "inked" on. Most women who go in for permanent makeup want their eyes, lips, or eyebrows accentuated so that they don't need to worry about their makeup coming off. It's convenient for those who want a certain look and have the money to pay for it. However, it has to be redone every couple of years because permanent cosmetics does not penetrate as deep as let's say a tattoo does and generally fades.

Whether some people go overboard and think makeup is a necessity or others rant about "natural beauty", it's your style that matters. I know some women who look fine without it and others who look fine without it yet love to accentuate their eyes, or use colors which bring out some of their features. Cosmetics are fun and meant to be played with because at the end of the day you can take it off – well unless you have permanent makeup surgery because then you have to wait quite awhile for it to wear off.

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