Get Inspired: Do Fashion Trends Inspire or Suppress Your Personal Style?

So tell me: What is it about current fashion “trends” that gets all of us girlies riled up and ready to spend our summer money on outfits we know are going to be out of fashion in about, oh a couple months? As we buy our picks of tops, bottoms, and everything that goes in between, I wonder whether we are getting brainwashed by this fashion industry.

As for myself, I am definitely guilty of flipping through a magazine and seeing a totally hot jacket on my favorite celebrity (MK and Ashley Olsen, Nicole Richie, oh – take your pick!) and ripping the most resembled item off the rack within a week. But as I do this, I definitely don’t want to admit it so I tell everyone that it’s my own personal style. That it’s truly my own artistic taste and that I thought of it myself as I was browsing through the store. Yeah, right. So here’s the real question to ponder about: Are our fashion choices our own inspiration or is it someone else’s?

The fashion industry is HUGE. So big that it filters through the very current couture lines to the discounted sweaters you see at Wal-Mart. The industry sets standards on what is going to be “in” this season and what is definitely “out” from the styles of jeans to the length of the sleeves on sweaters. So with this truly ginormous dictator suppressing our creativity, there’s little that we can do right? Wrong!

I’ve been trying so many different ways to escape this life of looking just like everyone else and this summer I believe I’ve finally succeeded in trying to figure out my own true style. So here’s the one place you can totally get inspired: Thrift shops. I know, you’re looking at the girl who frowns upon knock-off bags and thinks the only scarves anyone should ever buy are Burberry’s. But honestly, next time you’re in for some inspiration, get to your nearest Salvation Army or Goodwill store. You can find a t-shirt for 50 cents, and no I’m not exaggerating. Have fun with it, cut it up, sew it up, and most importantly, make it your own. You’ll look fabulous in it, I promise, and best of all you won’t look like anybody else in the room.

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