Get Inspired: Easing Post-Graduation Blues

Lately, I’ve found myself thinking and blogging about career topics and thinking about graduation. Yes, I may have considered myself an adult before but as a college graduate you become a “real adult”. No longer can you comfortably rest of the label as college student who is allowed to be unemployed or have a part-time job, and be a tad irresponsible – no now you must show the world what you have learned during your 4 or 5 years of college and it’s a lot of pressure.

Besides the inevitable happening there’s several things you can do before graduating that can ease anxiety about the real world. For one, take the stress off and make sure all of your important paperwork is taken care of. By now it’s too late to make sure you took all the appropriate classes, but if you haven’t your school will probably let you take summer classes and walk in the spring. I know a few people who thought they were clear to graduate but needed one more class to complete their degree. Catching those mistakes early, completing all the appropriate paperwork will prevent you from having a nightmare come graduation time.

Secondly, don’t leave on a bad note. Sure, you’re done soon but still show the same level of respect for your professors and administrators because if you decide to go to graduate school later you’ll need those same people to write your letters of recommendation. And no one is going to want to recommend the student who had the cocky attitude towards the end of their college career.

Celebrate your accomplishments! Before officially graduating gather a group of your college friends and do something fun for the last time as “college kids”. Go on a random weekend road trip or have a dinner to reflect on the good times. Because if you thought things changed after high school, they will even more once you finish college. Sure, you have a better understanding of who you are and where you want to be than you did graduating high school but after college many of your friends will go straight into the workforce while some of you may not work for awhile. Get excited for your careers and about embarking on new experiences whether it’s getting your own place with friends, finding a job, or relaxing for a few months while you figure out what you need to do for your future.

Either way brush off the anxiety and bask in the fact completing college is something not everyone does. For a little humor and a dose of reality about post-college life check out
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