Get Inspired: EEEK! Finals are Here!

Finals are coming up. Can you feel my stress? You guys are probably going through the same things. The constant pouring of assignments and those darn due dates that we thought would never come – well, it has! How are we supposed to deal in situations like this?

Well, I came up with a couple of solutions that I use in order to keep my body, my mind, and my schedule on track. Hopefully, it’ll work for you too!

1. Eat Breakfast. It’s one of the smartest things you can do. First, it speeds up your metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day but it also keeps your mind bright and awake. Boil some eggs for a quick, protein-filled breakfast. Or toast two slices of whole wheat Eggos and than top it with a thin layer of peanut butter. Mm, I can’t wait for the morning already!

2. Sleep. I always try to get my head on the pillow by midnight. But at the latest, I’ll be sleeping like a baby around 1AM. Why so late? It’s because my classes don’t start around 2 in the afternoon. However, I always get up around 11AM every morning to kick start my day. If your day starts earlier, than you should go to sleep by 9PM or 10PM every night.

3. Keep your room organized. I just can’t study when my clothes and papers are all strewn over my room! Keep a Sunday afternoon free in order to really clean up all the junk in your room. You’ll feel so much better and ready to study right after!

There are so many other things you girls can do. Exercise at least 30 minutes everyday to keep your adrenaline up or even keep one night of the week in order to just hang out with friends. These are some of the things that I have tried and it worked wonders. That’s it for today and good luck on your finals! You’ll be done with the semester in no time.

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