Get Inspired: Embrace the American in you…for 2008!

Finally, it’s 2008 and a brand new year! I don’t know about you guys but I am definitely looking forward to some warmer weather and new fashion. Ugh, can you say I am so over the muted fall colors and the never-ending layers?

What’s in the books for fashion spring 2008? During the days, bright reds and greens are back. On the beach (yes, I know we’ve forgotten about them) khaki colors and dark greens are sure to make your tan seem lustrous and golden. For a late-night with your summer fling? Try mysterious purples and lavenders. Throw in some pieces of dark blue, black, and light pink you’re sure to keep breaking hearts all throughout the year.

I’m a type of person who shops for spring clothes during winter, and shops for winter clothes during the summer. Hm, perhaps I’m a little impatient but that way I can keep an eye out for new trends way ahead of time! What are some great stores that would carry the type of clothing for the spring/summer? It might be a little pricey but try Anthropologie. I just received a catalogue from this store and trust me, their little sweaters, sun dresses, and cute tops are absolutely darling! Mixed in with some J.crew and Banana Republic, you’re closet is sure to be up-to-date this season!

2007 was the year for Euro-Chic. A type of sophistication that wasn’t the mark of Americans but rather Parisians and those sexy Italians. But patriotism is taking its turn this year and I say grab your tanning lotion, throw on some comfortable sandals, and embrace the new U.S.-Chic. The type where the youth is celebrated and sunlight is welcomed. This year, say no to monotones and cigarettes. Let us be proud and fashionable. Here here!

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