Get Inspired: Every BODY is Beautiful and Everybody Can Help!

My hairdresser confessed to me that his goal is to finish his Christmas shopping by Halloween and have everything wrapped by Thanksgiving. I confessed to him that my goal is to start shopping on Thanksgiving and have everything wrapped by Christmas day. I'm a writer, procrastination is what I do.

If you aren't one of those proactive Christmas shoppers, chances are you haven't started on your shopping yet either. Maybe you hate the crowds and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season? Maybe you prefer to donate your hard earned money to a charity or non-profit? I've got the perfect opportunity for you to shop online, help a good cause, and have your entire list taken care of by December 2nd.

Sara Evans (she's a beautiful and talented singer for those non-country fans out there) has partnered up with the National Eating Disorder Association to host their 3rd Annual Every BODY is Beautiful Auction. Tons of fabulous gifts, lessons, dining experiences, and getaways will be auctioned off to raise money for NEDA along with an exclusive NEDA-commissioned one-of-a-kind necklace from SpoonFed Art* featuring the NEDA logo.

The auction will run from November 1st (thats tomorrow!) until December 2nd. All proceeds will benefit the National Eating Disorder Association, the nation's largest nonprofit organization working to prevent, treat, and cure eating disorders. Donations for auction are still being accepted.

You can preview the auction today here and start your holiday shopping tomorrow, all while helping NEDA show the world that Every BODY is in fact, beautiful!


* For more information on SpoonFed Art, look for tomorrow's Glimpse of Gorgeous Blog

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