Get Inspired: Everyday Minerals — A Healthy Makeup Alternative

My current obsession? Everyday Minerals. It’s an all-natural mineral makeup that doesn’t break you out at all. Okay, I know we’ve all heard of Bare Minerals or Bare Escentuals. But the reason why Everyday Minerals (EDM) has been taking such a huge increase in their sales and satisfied customers is because of the one thing that separates them from Bare Minerals (BM).

EDM doesn’t have Bismuth Oxychloride, which actually can irritate sensitive skin. I’ve heard horror stories from ladies who’ve tried BM and thought it would deliver them perfectly smooth and healthy skin but broke out in huge red rashes and dry spots around their faces. Talk about gross – not even certain normal chemical-infused makeup can do that.

So let’s talk about EDM. First off, they have a huge range of foundation colors so you can find your perfect match! It’s not about if you’re dark, tan, or even fair – they assess your skin color down to your undertones so you’ll be a flawless finish. Just look at your veins on the underside of your wrist. Are your veins bluish or greenish? Can you even see your veins at all? There you go – you can figure out the genre of foundation colors which will match you perfectly.

Oh, and figuring out which colors to choose online is pretty tricky (EDM only offers their products online) but here’s the great news: You can order a free sample kit online while only paying for shipping! I only paid $3.97 for the shipping and I got it within 3 shipping days. Within the sample kit, you can choose three different foundation shades, one blush color, and one concealer.

I received my sample kit about a week ago and I was ecstatic to try it the next morning. I have some red spots left over from acne and I am the first one to admit that my imperfections are hard to conceal with my usual cream concealer. I was doubtful that a powder concealer would guarantee any coverage compared to a cream or liquid concealer but I was astounded by the results. It gave my skin amazing coverage that looked even better than any other concealer I’ve used. And the blush gave my face a healthy glow that looked totally natural.

The foundations? I chose Fairly Light within the Beige category and it definitely made my skin look flawless. My boyfriend even made a comment on my makeup and said it seemed like it was a part of my skin rather than something that merely covered it up. It’s needless to say that I asked my boyfriend to order me the full size kit as my Valentine's gift.

I’ve tried so many beauty products out there that over-promised and under-delivered. So I was so skeptical that a miracle product like EDM existed! But honestly – please try it. No matter what type of skin you have, everyone wants a healthy one right? So try a free sample kit and become a believer.

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