Get Inspired: Free Starbucks! (Coffee not included)

I enjoy overpriced coffee. I happen to find utter satisfaction in paying $5 for a latte that has more last names than I do. I especially love Starbucks. I truly believe that Starbucks sends out subliminal messages luring in the most eccentric, yet absolutely fascinating people to their doors. I love people-watching at Starbucks, sipping on something delicious (Pumpkin Spice Frappucino=delish) and imagining what their lives may be like outside of the coffee shop doors. I also love the music. It doesn’t necessarily inspire me to dance, but it does envoke soothing feelings of comfort and peace. I wish I was at Starbucks right now.

Starbucks happens to know that their music selection is loved by coffee drinkers everywhere and has recently started selling albums from the various beloved artists whose sweet coffee lullabies play from the ceiling. They also offer other exclusive acoustic albums and compiled cd’s.

To celebrate their overwhelming success in coffee and music sales, Starbucks is offering a free song of the day every day until Nov 7, 2007. All you need to do is visit your local Starbucks, purchase your favorite latte (mm Chai!) and ask for a download card. The card will feature the song of the day and give a promotion code that can be entered on iTunes to retrieve the song of the day! You’ll have until Dec. 31 to redeem your free music..

If you live in a large metropolitan area such as New York City, all you have to do is bring in your laptop (with iTunes software), iPhone, or iPod Touch and download the song using Starbucks’ wireless internet service.

It’s getting cold outside ( it? %@#& global warming!!) and I can’t think of anything better than sipping a nice warm beverage (white mocha anyone?) and listening to soft, soothing, music. It may cost you $5 for the coffee, but hey! at least the music is free!

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