Get Inspired: Gossip Girl-You Know You Love It!

Hello, my name is Melanie and I am a recovered O.C. addict. I admit that I cried at the end of each season, staring at the television screen in disbelief until the eleven o’clock news came on. In fact, I still listen to the soundtracks and watch the reruns (and the DVD’s). Marissa, Summer, Seth, Ryan and I went to high school together, we experienced our freshman year of college together, laughed together, and learned together. As the last episode came to a rather mind-boggling close, I deemed it the end of an era and felt as though a piece of my heart was lost forever.

But then, last week, as if Real World: Sydney and America’s Next Top Model is not enough to satisfy a Wednesday flair for the dramatic, the CW rocked my world with the series premiere of Gossip Girl

As a dedicated reader of the book series and lover of all things involving high fashion, sex, and New York City, I could not be more excited for this new show produced by Josh Schwartz (also the producer of my formerly beloved O.C.).

Judging from my prior knowledge of the books and the pilot, the show will be narrated by the same omniscient “gossip girl” in the novels and will feature enough cocktail parties, backstabbing, break-ups, hook-ups, and designer shoes to heal the scars of former O.C. fans and fufill the cravings of drama-lovers everywhere.

Luckily, if you didn’t watch last Wednesday, you’ve only missed one episode. Catch a brand new episode of Gossip Girl tonight on the CW at 9 p.m. Eastern time (if you don’t live on the East Coast, check your listings) and start living vicariously!

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