I love reruns of shows I grew up watching. A fairly new TV station that was co-founded by American's favorite media woman, Oprah Winfrey is Oxygen. It's been on the cable network since 2000 and has been climbing in ratings every since. Originally the network was founded by Geraldine Laybourne, Oprah Winfrey, and producers Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, and Caryn Mandabach.

The logo is a cute pink "Oh" with an exclamation mark. Now at first I was skeptical about a new network that promised to deliver programming just for women because there already was Lifetime and We at the time. However, Oxygen catches my attention because the shows are geared more towards a younger audience of women.

I can see my favorite reruns like A Different World, Living Single, Xena: Warrior Princess and more – which definitely brings back a nostalgic feeling. There are always are more shows original to the network which have gotten very popular like, Mo'nique's Fat Chance, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Girls Behaving Badly and more.

It's available on most cable services and on satellite dish. If you haven't experienced it yet be sure to go see it, everyone needs a little oxygen in their life!


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