Get Inspired: GrabLife Give Life

You always hear people say, “Make a difference! Change the world!” but they never tell you how to do it. It sounds so exciting and inspiring, but if you’re not involved in a sorority or another philanthropic organization, it can be difficult to find ways to get involved and change the world.

More and more companies and organizations are sponsoring ways for college students to make a difference without giving up a lot of their time.

Right now, Dodge is sponsoring a campaign called GrabLife Give Life which allows college students to nominate various charities and philanthropic organizations and vote for them online. The first charity or organization to meet the goal of 20,000 votes will be given a check for $20,000 from Dodge. There are also prizes for the 2nd-6th place winners and awards will be given out in the spring.

All you need to do to vote, is visit and click on your favorite cause. You may vote one time per day per e-mail address and there are hundreds of philanthropies to choose from.

Have a cause of your own you’d like to nominate? It’s not too late! Simply go to the submit an event tab on the website and follow the instructions to add your charity to the running.

This is a great (and super easy!) way to change lives, so get creative. Tell your friends about GrabLife Give Life, create facebook groups, and encourage everyone you know to vote. You have no excuse for not making a difference.

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