Get Inspired: Have a Safe (And Fun) Spring Break

It’s hard to believe that Spring Break is next week for students at Virginia Tech and many other colleges across the U.S. It just doesn’t seem that springy to me. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it was snowing when I left my house this morning or that the thermometer outside reads a whole whopping 20 degrees. The good news, however, is that it is 80 degrees in Panama City and 88 in Cancun!

As you begin packing for a giant week of partying with thousands of your closest friends, keep in mind a few things that will minimize spring break woes and maximize your fun.

1.) Watch out for your friends. Do you remember Marissa Cooper from The O.C? Tijuana? Tequila and pain killers? Back Alley? Taking your friend to the hospital is an instant fun-ruiner. Make sure they don’t wander away from the party and if you are planning on drinking, talk to each other about your alcohol limit.

2.) Leave your expensive items at home. Yes darling, your new Coach tote is fabulous! Chances are, other people will think so too. You’ll be too busy perfecting your tan to have time to worry about potential thieves. Leave all of your valuable items at home, or lock them up in a hotel safe when you are gone during the day.

3.) Stay away from video cameras. This sounds silly, I know, but pervy filmmakers can think of no better footage for their movie than a bunch of drunk girls acting crazy. You don’t want your good time to come back and haunt you later on.

4.) Be careful around strangers. There will be two kinds of people on Spring Break with you: those there to have a good time, and those who are there to prey on people having a good time. If someone invites you back to their hotel for a party, bring a group of friends with you and be sure you have an escape plan. Also, keep an eye on your drink at all times!

5.) HAVE FUN! I know I sound like your mom. You’re lucky I didn’t tell you to look both ways before you cross the street and pack extra underwear (please look both ways, and throw in some extra just in case). You are too fabulous to be passing out in back alleys or showing up on Girls Gone Wild.

So, have fun, be safe, and get a tan for me, I’ll be chillin’ (literally) in Blacksburg for the week.

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