Get Inspired: Have Time to Be Jealous?

What exactly is it about us that makes it so we “hate” other girls? Okay, maybe “hate” is a strong word but honestly. Is it the competitive nature or is it the jealousy factor? And if you are one of the lucky ones who so happened to be privileged all your life, do you notice that jealousy is what you have to deal with by a day by day basis? Or is it that, maybe without you even knowing, you are the one who kind of inflicts the jealousy upon herself?

As I was talking to one of my good guy friends a while back, I wondered out loud “Why do girls really hate each other so much?” To my surprise, he answered with a superficial, “Because they think other girls are better than them.” Um, better how? Prettier? Richer? More popular? I’ve always been very secure with myself and if I felt like I wanted something, I went ahead and got it. A new Chanel purse? I got it. A new nose? Sure, why not? But the catch is, nobody gave these to me. I earned them. I worked hard, got a job over the summer, and woke up every morning during my summer vacation around 5AM in order to fulfill my responsibilities. That doesn’t matter in the “girl world” apparently. I still got hated on.

Maybe it was me. Maybe it was me running to my friends and squealing about my new Chanel purse. Was I rubbing it in their faces? I asked my best friend whether she believes that was the case but she shook her head vehemently and stated that if I did that to her, she would have been equally happy for me instead of staring at my purse in disdain. But of course, she has been given everything she could ever want by her single mother ever since she was born. She would say that, right?

Is jealousy what makes us hate other girls? Or is it some other underlying psychological issue? If it is jealousy, there must be more to be jealous of than material things – grades, boyfriends, friends, family, and even her personality. Maybe she’s just too nice. Either way, I suggest another challenge at you: Next time you want to dismiss a girl in one of your conversations “just because”, try and figure out why you do that. Hate is such a negative thing in this world and in today’s lifestyle of uncertainty, we don’t need to waste our time hating each other. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, remember?

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