Get Inspired: Help a Child This Christmas

The holiday season used to be so much more exciting when I was little. There were no people to buy for, only people to buy things for me. I got to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what I wanted for Christmas while my parents stood nearby taking notes. We would visit all of the neighborhoods with beautifully lit houses and every single detail was so amazing to me. Before there were crowded malls and over-the-limit credit cards, Christmas was magical, and by far, the most wonderful time of the year.

I can’t picture my childhood Christmases any other way, but for many children, the holidays are just another day stuck in poverty with no hope of a happy future, much less a doll or teddy bear. These kids won’t sit on Santa’s lap this year, and no one will take them to look at the beautiful holiday lights.

There are many organizations that sponsor Angel Trees for impoverished children and even children fighting cancer or other fatal illnesses. Take some time to do research about an organization in your area. If you are interested in helping out on an international level, there are also lots of charities overseas that drop gifts and supplies to children in other countries.

Try to imagine a childhood void of happy holiday memories. Then, try to imagine a smile on a child’s face when they receive an unexpected Christmas Surprise.

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