GET INSPIRED: Inspirational Songbirds

I love music. Well, who doesn’t? It is the one thing that unites people of all backgrounds. Ever have a conversation with someone and find out you both love Alicia Keys or John Mayer? It makes your conversation so much smoother to know you both like the same music. With today’s often manufactured, “pop-smothered” hits, sometimes it’s hard to find genuine artists who can practice their creativity and are still manage to be inspirational.

Well, today here’s a list of some lovely songbirds in the music scene from different genres. These female singers are a major inspiration to today’s generation of music.

Alicia Keys – The 26 year old New York native has graced us with her beautiful voice and love story lyrics for the past 5 years. Alicia, whose first hit was the paralyzing tale of a woman who keeps going for the wrong guy in “Fallin’”, also dedicates time to being a philanthropist. She has been the spokeswoman for the Keep a Child Alive program, Frum the Ground up and many more.

Avril Lavigne- Punky and spunky. Avril Lavigne has challenged the belief that only guys can have that hard-hitting rock/punkstar aura. Avril has been in the music scene since 2002. Avril hits the spot for many girls out there who just want to express themselves(sometimes in a not so subtle way); she followed suit this past year with her catchy bubblegum tune where she yelled, “hey you, you I don’t like your girlfriend!”

Nelly Furtado- This Canadian beauty who spoiled us in 2000 with the sweet melodic song, “I’m Like a Bird”, has continuously ravaged the music charts. Part of her success comes from her music relationship with hip hop producer, Timbaland who is behind many of her hits. No matter who is in her corner, we can’t help but feel inspired by Nelly. She blends a unique singing voice with hip grinding hits and songs that encourage women not to be afraid of being sexy.

Gwen Stefani- The former only girl member of early-late 90s band, No Doubt, has always been an uber-symbol of “Girl Power”. However, in the past few years, her solo efforts have given us plenty of songs to sing along to as she has let us know, “she aint no holla back girl”. The charismatic singer continues to make music, but also created her own line of clothing called L.A.M.B in 2004.

Beyoncé- This list would not be complete without the most talked about female singer in the past year and a half. Love her or hate her, there is no denying we are “Dangerously in Love”, which her career. Beyoncé has been one of the most consistent female singers in recent times. “B” has been churning out #1 hits by the second. We also love her because she reminds us that no matter what people keep saying, you must keep doing what you are good at!

Mary J. Blige- Mary has earned her title as Queen of R &B/Hip Hop Soul over and over again, as she relishes in a 15 year singing career. Despite, originally coming out in 1992, Mary continues to be inspiration as she belts out hits that every female can we relate to. Some of her recent songs are, “As I Am”, “Be Without You”, and past hits like, “I’m Going Down”, “I Can Love You”, and the classic, “Real Love”.

Honorable mention “Song Birds: Mariah Carey, Ashlee Simpson, Janet Jackson, Fergie, Kelly Clarkson

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