Get Inspired: Inspirational Women of 2007

By tomorrow, the confetti will have been tossed, the ball will have dropped, and the champagne bottle will have been popped as we say good riddance to 2007 and welcome 2008 which open arms. A Get Inspired blog would not be complete without revisiting those women who made it happen’ in ’07, right? We’ll jog our memories of a few women, in different lifestyles from TV, to music, to film, to politics.

Jordin Sparks – The 17 year winner of American Idol made her spark as the youngest person to ever win the competition . The pop singer has brought a more innocence-laced angle to a pop music scene inundated with sexually riveting themes and adult content. The biracial singer has hit the radio scene with songs like, “Tattoo”, “This is My Now”, and “My Air”, featuring Mr. Wall-to-Wall himself, Chris Brown.

Hillary Clinton – We have not been able to go on any website or pick up any newspaper in ’07 without hearing news about the former First Lady’s campaign. The Democratic presidential candidate hopeful has been campaigning across the United States, sometimes with, and at times without, hubby and former president, Bill Clinton. Whether you will be voting for her or not, we have to give it the lady who if chosen, has a good chance at being the first female president of the United States.

Alicia Keys – Is anyone tired of the vocally superior songstress yet? By the looks of it – no. Alicia Keys has appeared on several magazine covers in 2007 to compliment her release her new acclaimed album, “As I Am”. Well I love A. Keys, so we’ll definitely be taking her as she is for 2008.

Lucy Liu –The Queens native worked 2007 with various film and TV appearances. She appeared in 2007 movies Rise: Blood Hunter, Watching the Detectives, and Rockett and took it to the tube by appearing in two Ugly Betty(ABC) episodes. The cherry on top to Lui’s 2007 was being named by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Film Stars. Look for Lui in 2008’s TV premier series, Cashmere Mafia on ABC.

Oprah Winfrey – Still reigns at the top of billionaire list. We must give acknowledgment to the TV talk show media veteran who amidst controversial abuse allegations at her South Africa school for girls, the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy continues to run media. She has hit the roads raising political awareness and campaigning heavy for Senator Barack Obama. Oprah also took her eye to the camera, when her production company Harpo Productions, along with Hollywood leading man, Denzel Washington to create film based on a true story,The Great Debaters. Winfrey also is reported to have her own TV network called coming soon.

Of course there are more women who made 2007 a year to remember. So, if you have anymore you think are missing from this list feel free to comment!

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