Get Inspired: It Ain’t Easy Being Green

When the “go green” fiasco emerged a couple of years back I really wasn’t surprised, nor was I shocked we finally were seeing dramatic proof of global warming. I remember the weather changing over the years and not being “normal”, at least in my area. Something was wrong in Kansas if I recall going jacket-less several times a few years back in December.I guess I just felt like it was another phase we were going through to push us to recycle and do earth friendly things. It’s been no dark secret that the planet has been being altered drastically by humans for decades but now people are just now starting to pay attention. It’s also a situation where global warming would probably be taking place whether or not there was pollution or chemical use just probably at a slower rate.

Go Green campaigns are everywhere and urge you to do things like using biodegradable products, not using electric unless necessary, eating organic foods and using natural products. Going green has become so big a friend and mine sat through 10 minutes of a min-environment friendly commercial when we went to the movies recently. I caught the Oprah show the other day where she had actresses Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Sophie Uliano, author of Gorgerously Green and former Vice President, Al Gore who has been environmentally involved for decades, discussing the way they’ve incorporated environment conserving activities into their lives. Now, you know that issues are big when celebrities start jumping on the bandwagon and many of us are influenced by our favorite stars, so I predict the more famous people speak out about green campaigns the everyday average folks who will take notice.

If you’re like me though you don’t know the first thing to make better decisions. However, simple things we can do for ourselves are buying organic foods which don’t contain harmful pesticides, seek beauty and personal care items which do not contain parabens (preservatives than can disrupt hormone and are found in shampoos, body lotions, etc)and of course paying attention to labels and products which show they support a clean and earth friendly environment.

I’m no huge environment guru, but it’s certainly going to take a lot to preserve what we have left of the earth because unfortunately we can’t fix any of the damage already done. To see highlights of Oprah’s Earthy Day Event visit the page for Oprah’s Earth Day Event.

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