Get Inspired: Jodi Picoult – Genius Novelist

I cannot stand books that are all fluff. You know, the type that revolves around a girl who has this impossibly amazing job and is struggling between her boyfriend and the new exciting man she meets while working. Hmmm…it doesn’t take long before anyone can figure out what the ending is going to be. But I love, love, love reading. Anything that keeps me turning the pages, wondering what is going to happen, I will fall in love with. That’s when I picked up The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult and fell in love with every single one of her novels.

Jodi Picoult is a Princeton and Harvard graduated novelist and a mom of three. She is the best selling author of fourteen novels. Trust me, she is no fluff writer. Her novels revolve around family, relationships, and love. Somehow, she twists those stories in a way that is almost shocking. Want a sneak peek?

One of her most famous novels and a definite best-seller, My Sister’s Keeper is so riveting. From the couple of paragraphs I’ve sampled from her website I was absolutely floored. Here’s the basic synopsis:

A young girl named Anna was born for her older sister, Kate. Kate was diagnosed with a rare case of leukemia and she needs constant blood transfusions and other bodily organs to even survive. None of her family members (including her mother, father, and her brother) were a bone marrow match. So her parents had Anna created through preimplantation. You know, the type where they create a perfect cell match from DNA. Sorry I’m not exactly a science major so that’s the best I can explain.

But moving on, Anna basically has been giving up all her blood, bone marrow, and whatever else to keep her sister living. She could’ve been the one with the leukemia too, you would never be able to tell. So basically, the synopsis on Picoult’s website ends with Anna walking into her lawyer’s office and saying that she wants to…

…sue her parents for the rights to her own body!

Yes. I know. Crazy. Go to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy. Now!

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