Get Inspired: Keeping It Real

Reality television shows are found on every major network these days, and yes I do watch some of them. From Flavor of Love, Rock of Love and Viva Hollywood, Hell's Kitchen, Miss Rap Supreme, The Apprentice, American's Next Top Model and the other hundreds out there. The main link between these shows? Competition.

Even though most so-called reality shows are actually said to be scripted to make it more entertaining, watching reality shows can inspire you to understand competition more.

For example, whether we realize it or not, we're constantly being put against other people. When you applied for college you were competing, when trying out for any team or running for a position for your sorority, you're competing. And even when you hit click and submit your application for a job you're instantly in competition with hundreds of others. Besides being put against others, jealousy nine times out of ten roars it's ugly head.

My personal belief has always been while you are literally competing against others, you are moreso competing against yourself and your ability to be better with each challenge you overtake. Next time you feel yourself feeling jealous, remember how stupid and childish all those people on TV look when they are so consumed with self-pity that they forget to work on themselves so they can win next time.

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