Get Inspired: Make the Move!

Have you been eyeing that cute guy in your Biology class lately? Or maybe that guy with the washboard abs caught your eye at a football game? Well come on ladies because today is your day to make the move!

November 13 is the first day that Sadies Hawkins Day was announced. It sprung about from a cartoon strip by Al Capp called Li’l Abner. And we all are familiar with the Sadies Hawkins Dance from back in high school…or even from back in elementary school! It was the day when we, women, ruled the halls by terrorizing all the guys into crazy nervousness. Uh-huh, no doubt about it – it was their turn to wish that the girl of their dreams would ask them out!

In all reality, when has it been the “tradition” for the guys to ask a girl out on a date? Plenty of my friends have gotten their boyfriends by being the first one to make the move. Like me, for example! I was a strict believer in the whole guy-catches-girl theory but life was way too short to wait for this particular guy. I told him that I liked him and he was speechless (in a good way though) and we’ve been dating ever since. Hmm, maybe today could even be our unofficial anniversary.

Have fun today and most important of all – take chances. We are smart young women who know when we have a vibe going on with a guy. That chemistry doesn’t only go one-way, you know. If you’re feeling some kind of connection with him, it’s very probable that he’s feeling the same thing. Don’t be scared either! Unlike the old times on Sadies Hawkins Day, if an unmarried woman caught a man by sundown he had to marry her, you certainly don’t have to.

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