Get Inspired: Make Room for Spring Clothes!

Okay, Okay, Okay, Winter was fab. Really. Now, can we pleaassee move on to a warmer season? I confess that I am really just in it for the new clothes, but there is one small issue:my closet.

There is simply no room in my teeny-tiny closet for all of these new clothes and shoes that I have circled in my Spring Preview magazines, which leaves me with two options: Don’t buy new clothes and pretend like it’s winter for another year, or clean out my jam-packed, junk infested closet. I think you know the answer…

When cleaning your closet, the first thing you need to do is to get everything off of the closet floor. This includes hangers, clothes that have fallen down, shoes, and the usual random crap that ends up at the bottom of our closets. Next, try on clothes that you haven’t worn in awhile to see if they still fit. If they are too small, put them in a pile to be donated. If they are too big, decide if you want to have them tailored, and if not, put them in the donation pile.

By the time you sort your clothes into keep, tailor, and give-away piles, you will probably notice a pretty big improvement on closet space. Do the same thing with shoes and accessories and look on the internet for a place to donate them such as a battered women’s home or a non-profit thrift shop.

I cannot even pretend to be Miss Organized, I admit that I am quite the slob. My advice stops at the clothes. However, Target carries amazing little closet organizers and fun colored baskets and plastic containers perfect for sorting and organizing all of our closet contents. They are usually on sale this time of year because everyone is striving to be more organized.

The real reward in cleaning out your closet the satisfaction of knowing that your clothes/shoes/accessories are going to someone who will wear them, and being pleasantly surprised to open your closet without an avalanche. Plus, you have a great excuse to go shopping and plenty room for all of your fabulous finds!

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