Get Inspired: Politically Apathetic? Just Listen

So, if you talked to me about two years ago, I wouldn’t be able to tell you the main differences between a Democrat and a Republican. I would probably (and ignorantly) just talk about how Bush is tearing our nation apart, even though I have no idea what his policy decisions were in the last couple months or so. And I bet that a lot of you girls are the same.

With Facebook allowing us to cite our political views on our pages as either Democrat, Republican, Independent, or even Apathetic, I found out that a lot of my friends opted for the Apathetic choice or even didn’t bother to cite at all. I, myself, also put down Apathetic and was proud to even say so. Honestly though, some people just don't get politics. It was hard for me to even keep track of the issues going on. However, it all changed when I was dragged by my friend to a political speech last Saturday night.

Any other Saturday night, I would have been out at who-knows-where, but my friend insisted that we go to Bill Clinton’s speech at our campus. I excitedly agreed thinking “Oh boy, I’m going to meet someone famous!” and went along with her. Um, who knew the line stretched out all the way across our campus? And we have a HUGE campus, by the way. I was amazed by all the people who were there to either support the Clintons or not – heck, I was amazed by all the people who were interested in politics! Looking forward to meet our 42nd president, I waited faithfully in the line for about two hours.

But due to the overflow of the room where Clinton would be speaking, my friend and I were relocated to the adjacent room where it was hooked up to these gigantic speakers. What, no TV even? This was a rip off. What was I going to do until Clinton made his appearance into the room? Listen. That’s what I had to do.

Trust me, next time you’re bored and fiddling your thumbs, stop stalking Facebook members and listen (truly listen) to a political speech. See what it does for you because for me it did wonders. Oh, and I got to shake Bill’s hand.

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