Get Inspired: Prepping for Spring Break!

So it’s February. And I don’t know about you guys, but I’m prepping my body all with one goal and purpose in mind: Spring Break! Wooooo!. So I thought I’ll give a couple of pointers for you gals who want to lose some poundage and get yourselves to look like those Banana Boat tan ads.

1. Interval Training: When you want to lose weight within a short amount of time, try interval training. Sure, running five miles on a treadmill will get you to lose weight. But after a small amount of time, you’ll stop losing fat and start losing glucose. Come on! I want to SEE the fat roll off. By alternating your routine on the treadmill, you’ll keep up your fat burning level and be able to keep burning off the fat – not the sugar!

Try: Running on the treadmill for two minutes on the highest speed you can go and medium level of a hill to create some resistance. Than walk on a lower speed (but keep it high enough so it’s considered speed walking) for about one minute. Keep this up for about eight repetitions.

2. Strength Training: All you need is a simple rubber band! Get one of those resistance bands from your local sports store so you can create lean muscle, not the bulky ones from the machine. Go here for some great diagrams for upper body workouts. Since you’ll be working your legs from your interval training workouts, this is great for your arms, chest, and abs.

3. Spray Tanning: Oh gosh, I cringe when I see girls step out of the tanning salon who are so dark it looks like they had a Michael Jackson on reverse! It’s painful to see and girls, it is not cute. So try UV-ray free spray tanning from the salons. They’re professionals so they’ll be able to give you a streak-free faux tan that you’ve always wanted. Or if you have a help of a close friend or two, get them together so you can have a spray tan frenzy in your own bathroom!

Now, it’s time for the beach! Have a great spring break everyone!

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