Get Inspired: Releasing Your Inner Bookworm

What’s the best way to start 2008 off in a good direction? Hold tight to old ways hoping they work again? Party like a rock star? While I’m sure many of us would like to do the latter, the best way I want to start the year off is to read a few good books. The only problem is finding the time. With work, classes, extracurricular activities and other obligations it’s hard to find time to read for recreation; but I have a few good reads lined up to coach me on how to make the best of my year from finance, to romance to self-help.

The Money Book For The Young, Broke and Fabulous by Suze Orman – I was tired of stuffy financial advice more fit for people with full-time jobs, kids, a white picket fence, and the whole shabang. Any college student or college graduation should own this book which discusses credit cards, debt, paying back student loans, buying a car and more – in a way we all can relate to.

Do You! by Russell Simmons The hip hop mogul and creator of the Phat Farm clothing collections borrows the slang phrase, do you (which means do what you have to for yourself for those that don’t know), and applies to a book filled with business, professional and personal lessons for anyone who wants to be simply better.

The Secret – I’ve heard great reviews about this self-help book which has also been turned into a movie! The Secret boasts the best ways to live purposefully and unlock the ways to get the best out of life.

He’s Just Not That Into You – An oldie, but a goodie. Whether your in a “so-so” relationship. Single or perfectly happy this book by talk show host Greg Behrendt and writer/actress Liz Tuccillo is a must-have for all women to find out the method to your guy’s madness.

Reading has many benefits. It expands your way of thinking, you learn facts you may never have known, and it can take your mind off the stress of the day. Like I said before, I know finding time is difficult. Carry a book with you and read whenever you can. Or leave a book at your locker at work, at your boyfriend’s house, or even in the car. Skim a few lines or get in depth with a chapter on your lunch break – just don’t get so engaged you forget what time to come back to work! If you take the train, or bus to work, read when you’re on your way there or back.

Also, if you cut a third of time you probably spend watching reruns of "I Love New York" or "The Hills" and dedicated to reading, you’d be getting some extra time. If all else fails designate a time per week where you take the time, find a quiet corner, and find your inner bookworm.

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