Get Inspired: Required Reading

I normally wouldn’t use my class syllabus as a source for book recommendations- who wants to read The Scarlett Letter for the billionth time- but I can’t resist singing the praises of Moshin Hamid’s novel “The Reluctant Fundamentalist.”

This provocative bildungsroman follows a young Pakistani student for 8 months in Manhattan, a time-span which encompasses both pre and post 9/11 society. The tale has both a difficult coming of age tale of a recent college graduate and a political thread which will challenge you.

Hamid’s narrative is nothing short of exquisite. The novel weaves together the richest details of past and present to create a compelling plot. His use of the 2nd person makes you an active player in the story, keeping you engaged for the entire novel.

Not only entertaining, this is a novel that stretches your mind. Political Issues of Terrorism, Nationalism,stereotypes, Eastern-Western communications and personal issues of love, heartbreak, and identity will have your head spinning.

If you’re looking for a novel to make you think, move you or just give you good read, pick it up. With the 2008 election right around the corner, this book represents the fears and worries facing our country at present.

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