Get Inspired: Straight off the runway…Urban Outfitters!

I honestly don’t know how I could’ve been writing about “inspirational” topics for a couple weeks now and I still haven’t let you all know about my particular favorite inspiration source: Urban Outfitters.

UO is a store and a website that offers fabulous clothes and accessories that you won’t find at your typical Abercrombie & Fitch store. For all of you A&F die-hards, no offense, but I am so over looking like every other little girl on my campus. And thanks to UO, I don’t have to anymore! From asymmetrical wraps to slouchy suede boots, this place has got you covered.

I typically shop through their website because I find it more organized. With a couple of clicks, I can go to a particular section, scroll down, and find exactly what I’m looking for! The store seems, er, shall I say…grungy almost? Everything is just piled on top of each other and I’m constantly flipping over various items from their apartment furnishing collection to find a pair of opaque tights which I could’ve found and bought from the website within the same amount of time. So I would definitely recommend checking out the www’s before heading over to your nearest UO boutique.

One of my favorite things about UO is that they are up to date with all the latest trends. No, I’m not talking about the high school style of fashion, but rather about the latest designer collections that are hitting the runway at this very moment. Ever heard of Mark Eisen? He has a great line called Karoo and one of the items that are very hot this season is his sweater dress (pictured on the left in beige). But as a poor college girl, there were too many digits in the price tag for me. So, I checked out UO and voila! I found a very similar sweater dress (pictured on the left in plum) for a mere $48. Can you see the difference?

So, right when you’re about to throw both hands in the air forfeiting your inner fashionista’s urge to look superb, don’t give up. Just go to Urban Outfitters, and you’ll be strutting in your new sweater dress looking like a million bucks before you know it.

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