Get Inspired: Take up Knitting!

My high school English teacher could knit 2 scarves 3 hats and a sweater by lunch. She didn’t even look at what she was doing. She would just talk and her hands would be doing all of the work. She eventually started a knitting club for students and it was actually really popular. They made hats and scarves and blankets to donate to homeless shelters and it was a big success!

Right now, you are probably out of school. You’ve probably watched all of the MTV reruns and done the crosswords in the newspaper. You’ve shopped, and watched movies with friends, and you are bored. B-O-R-E-D. Yes, I know how that feels.

Well, why not knit something? Or a few things? Go to the local craft store and pick up some colorful yarn and knitting needles. Most of the time, the needles will have instructions on the back for basic knitting. If not, you can look them up on the internet. There are hundreds of sites dedicated to knitting.

Next, play around with it a little bit. Try knitting a blanket or a scarf as those items are all done in straight lines. You might not pick it up right away, but it’s addicting. Keep trying.

When you finish your fantabulous knitting creation, think about donating it to a local battered women’s shelter or homeless shelter. You will feel good knowing that your work has been for a good cause, and someone else will benefit greatly from it.

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