Get Inspired: Thinking Before "Inking"

You’d never know I have two tattoos unless I showed you or was wearing shorts or a skirt. Tattoos in my opinion are creative ways to express yourself and what is important to you. Now, some people couldn’t fathom getting “inked” up, but the Alliance of Professional Tattooist estimate that 39 million Americans have a tattoo somewhere on their body. Are you a part of that 39 million?

A few of my friends have tattoos that range from their initials, a star,a tribal sun, a crown, inspirational words, a shamrock, a music scroll, and many more more. On the other hand, I have friends who have no desire to get any type of tattoo. I’ve noticed females tend to go for the tattoo on the lower back, while males go for the tattoos on their bicep, backs, or chest. However, people get tattoos everywhere from their neck, arm, side, stomach, ankle, etc.

When getting a tattoo you need to be positive you know what you want (and please pick something symbolic to you, I know a guy who got a squirrel tattooed on his leg because his friend dared him to do it if he paid for it.) I even suggest meeting with a tattoo artist prior to get a stencil of what your tattoo will look like and going back days later if you still think you want the tattoo. Like diamonds, tattoos are forever. There are laser tattoo removal surgeries that can be done, but they are expensive and unless you’re Angelina Jolie and can get your tats removed please think before ink.

My first tattoo could have been better. But at 18 I was so excited to have the right to get it done I rushed into it. I still like my music note with the three hearts around it, but I wish I had gotten it done differently. It took me almost 2 1/2 years later to conceive my second tattoo. That time I chose an extensive butterfly graphic out of symbolism for what a butterfly represents(pictured with this article).

We can scream and chant about individualism and artistic expression all we want – but some people still aren’t too fond of tattoos being visible. When getting any type of body art you must think of your future. Sure your friends may cheer you on and think it’s creative, but will your potential boss like that snake or that flower winding around your arm for all to see if you wear short sleeves? Also, think of what a tattoo says about you. How will you explain drug paraphernalia, inside jokes, or silly tattoos when you’re older to your kids?

Be rational about your body art. Musicians, professional athletes, and other celebrities can get away with it, chance are you can’t. In a society “forcefed” images of celebrities everyday we see imaged of “tatted up” musicians and superstars. While their tattoos may add to their image or appeal and make them more money, your decisions could cause you to lose money in the future. Many jobs will not hire people who have visible tattoos because it goes against their company policies. Visible means any tattoos that can be seen easily on your body, like neck, arm, wrist, arm, etc. and varies depending on your attire

Before your trip to the tattoo artist, stop and think. Can you imagine living to be 70 and explaining your reason for your tattoo without embarrassment? And can you consciously say where you are placing your tattoo is the best place? It’d be great if people weren’t judged by tattoos, but unfortunately it can be a strike against you. Career oriented? Read about the tattoo trend in this article about Tattoos in the Workplace.

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