Get Inspired: The Truth About Change

In a few days, we’ll drink champagne, watch the ball drop, and swear off carbs at midnight. The next day, there will be more debt management commercials, and Weight Watchers will offer some sort of no joining fee promotion. Gym memberships will flourish, and people will buy more cleaning supplies and less ice cream. It will be the start of a new year, an opportunity for a fresh slate, and for bulk amounts of change.

I’m not such a fan of change. I used to cry every time I got my haircut, because no matter how good it looked, I didn’t look the same after it was cut. I have the same friends and I like the same traditions carried out the same way, year after year. Sometimes, I get restless for a change of scenery, but I always make sure it can be reversed, just in case.

The truth about change is that it happens on days other than January 1st. It comes in the form of haircuts, break-ups, weather, and weddings. It normally hits you when you least expect it and people like me don’t really like it because change is often out of our control. The change itself isn’t necessarily the enemy, it’s your reaction to it. You can’t change change, but you can change your attitude toward circumstances.

Sit down and make a list of changes you’d like to see in 2008. Then, separate the list by changes you can control (exercising, getting organized..etc) and changes that are out of your control (global warming, your parents’ divorce, Jamie Lynn Spears..). Write down how you plan to change those things that are in your control and how you can improve your attitude towards things that you cannot change.

January 1st isn’t a cure-all bad habit reverser, but it is a nice time to start over. If you’re life is going fabulously, it won’t be reversed in 2008. Me? I’m looking for some good changes, come 2008. As far as the rest of 2007 is concerned, I’ll stick to changing my clothes, changing my mind and pocket change.

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