Get Inspired: A Very Happy Unbirthday to YOU!

Growing up, Alice in Wonderland was one of my favorite movies. It was full of so many adventures and interesting characters. Looking back, I acknowledge that the movie is completely bizarre, but I love it if only for nostalgic reasons. One of my favorite parts is the tea party with the Mad Hatter. He is certainly crazy with all of his perplexing riddles and confusing babble, but I think he may be onto something. Unbirthday?! Why, thats a fabulous idea!

What do the Mad Hatter and Paris Hilton have in common? I’ll tell you. They both think that you should live everyday like it’s your birthday! Paris was quoted saying just that, and she has a point! What if we lived everyday like it was our birthday? Think about how much happier everyone would be.

Your birthday is the one day a year where you can be a total brat and get away with it. There is cake and presents and everyone is exceptionally nice to you. There is nothing like being the birthday brat to boost your self confidence. You feel a little better, people treat you better, and in turn, you treat yourself with more love and respect.

Now, there are a few guidelines to this unbirthday business. Don’t live everyday like it’s your 21st birthday. That’s called alcoholism. There is no need for people to give you presents everyday of the year, and don’t eat cake everyday, your mom will be mad. Your present to yourself is that you feel confident and secure about who you are. Treat yourself with a quiet 1/2 hour to read a magazine or a frappucino or a new pair of shoes once a month. This will help you feel special all year long.

So put on your tiara and have a very happy unbirthday!

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