Get Inspired: WhoWhatWear…Where?

Tuesday, I was sitting in Biology drawing pictures of flowers, writing my name in curly letters which sprouted into more flowers, and learning about, um…what was it? Oh! Ecosystems! Yes, that was it.

I began looking around the 500-person classroom scanning my fellow classmates for fashion do’s and don’ts, when something caught my eye. To be more specific, it was the word, “wear.” A girl in my class was on her laptop at a website titled Who What Wear, which I later Googled and found to actually be called WhoWhatWear Daily. Needless to say, Biology class is already changing my life and it is only the second week of classes.

WhoWhatWear had me at its homepage as the banner read, “We don’t care who you’re dating or if you eat. We only care about what you wear.” It is an online publication dedicated to fashion and all of its close friends. There are several fabulous sections including, Ask a Stylist, What Was She Wearing? (in my opinion, the only celebrity gossip that should be allowed), Shop the Closet (featuring an entire section of clothes under $100), and Who What Wear T.V. (oh, media convergence, how I love thee!).

The About Us section explains that WhoWhatWear wishes to be an alternative to the celebrity gossip sites which so easily entangle us these days. Plus, you all can rest assured that all of your fashion advice is coming from a reliable source.

The website is co- founded by Katherine Power, the former West coast editor of ELLE and ELLEgirl who also used to work for Bolthouse Productions (just like Heidi Montag!). Power’s distinct L.A. tastes are reflected throughout and when you sign up for a subscription, you can receive a “Little Black Book” of L.A. hotspots and other websites to surf when you are bored in class (okay, that’s not exactly what it’s called).

Her partner is Hillary Kerr, a freelance writer from L.A. and a former Associate Lifestyle Editor at ELLE with a long list of writing background including co-writing Anna Kournikova’s fitness column for ELLE and creating two mini-mags for ELLE about Project Runway.

After briefly browsing the site, I signed up for my free subscription, added it to my Bookmarks bar, and told five people (plus you guys!). Go get your fashion on at Now you have somewhere to go in between Glimpse of Gorgeous Thursdays!

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