Get Inspired: Winter Celebration!

Event planning runs in my blood. I try to make every occasion an event. That’s just what I do and I absolutely love it. As the snowflakes fall and the chilly wind gusts our hair back, I feel that this calls for a celebration! Not for Christmas, not for Hanukkah, or anything else, but a celebration for the end of the year. And I’m positively giddy about sharing with you my secrets to the best party ever.

1. A small group of loves: Because the only thing more annoying than having people you don’t even know at your party, is having those ungracious party crashers to be eating all your carefully arranged party foods and drinking all your drinks. Come on! Have some decency and at least introduce yourselves and ask for permission to come.

2. Munchies: You’re not a typical frat boy who believe everyone should and can run on beer and that’s it. We are gentle, delicate flowers who need some munchies! And no, that does not mean a jumbo bag of chips will do. Be creative! Petite brownies, pastel cupcakes, fondue, and maybe a couple bowls of festive candies laying around.

3. NO BEER: Beer is regular. You are not, my dears. You think mixed drinks are too complicated? No way! With a help of your few closest, just premix the most popular drinks ahead of time and keep them in empty containers such as cranberry juice bottles and ice tea jugs. When it comes time for the pouring for your guests, all you need to do is pour and place a couple cherries in there! The most popular drinks? Cosmos, Midori Sours, and even Rum and Coke. Are you salivating yet?

4. Black tie attire: Because no party is a party without dressing up a little bit. Remember how fun it was dressing up for Halloween? Require that all your guests come in their cocktail outfits. Who cares if it’s below zero outside? It’ll be warm and fuzzy inside and that’s where the party will be. Gorgeous girlies and sharp-looking guys will sure spark some kind of fire!

Now what are you waiting for? Get festive!

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