Get Inspired: You Are Powerful!

Everyone from Nicole to J. Lo to Jamie Lynn seems to be in the baby business right now. Christina reportedly got $1.5 million for the pictures of her son, Max in People Magazine and J. Lo is said to be receiving $6 million for pictures of her twins after they are born. Angelina Jolie just can seem to stop having kids. Last night, on E! News Ryan Seacrest said that the pay-offs seemed so great that he just might have a few babies himself.

I wouldn’t know from personal experience, but women say that having kids is the most exciting, rewarding part of their lives, even without the millions of dollars for first photos. However, being pregnant is not all photo shoots and charity donations. Did you know that a woman dies every minute due to pregnancy related causes?

The joys of motherhood should not be overshadowed by fear. Most causes of death in pregnant women are preventable, but resources and knowledge are in short supply. Rural health clinics, in other countries in particular, are in need of skilled professionals and the right tools to give women proper healthcare.

Marie Claire has teamed up with CARE to raise money for health clinics in Peru. All you have to do is buy a T-shirt!

The T-shirts are black with the words “I am powerful” printed across the front. Each shirt costs $25 plus $6.95 shipping and handling and 100% of the net proceeds will go to benefit CARE’s efforts in Peru. Shirts come in sizes small through extra-large.

While the stars make it look so glamorous, there are women out there suffering on the verge of death. Don’t they deserve to experience the joys of motherhood just as much as the next person? Your money could make a difference. You are powerful!

To order a shirt, go to www.marieclaire/com/CARE.

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