Get Inspired: You Gotta Love the French!

When I get ready for a night out, I usually play some crazy mainstream hip-hop/rap song. You know, the type that gets totally over-played in the clubs. The type of music you typically see on TRL. But whenever I get in the car with my roommate to go out, she usually plays a mixture of these (apple-bottom jeans, boots with the furrrrr) and some cool techno/trance-y music. Honestly, I never knew how good those techno songs could be. The beats are great, gets your blood rushing, and they are usually songs that people are like “Wow, what is that?”

So it’s no surprise that I decided to go on a quick musical journey myself.

I was surfing through the website of BB Dakota, an independent sort of rock-chic clothing company, and the music they had playing was freaking awesome! This one song caught my eye and I googled the artist’s name and found out she was a new up-and-coming French singer.

Yelle, according to her myspace, has about four songs out and one of them is a cool remixed version of her original. She is spunky, cute, an totally out there. Her songs are so fun (considering they’re all in French and I totally don’t know what she’s saying) and it makes you definitely want to pull on your highest heels and dance in your underwear. Even though her myspace indicates her music to be of the “pop” genre, I don’t really consider it because it’s not mainstream enough. And that’s a plus in itself.

The first song I heard of her is called “Je Veux Te Voir.” It’s a fast underground-sounding song. Kind of reminded me of Gwen Stefani and Fergie. If you love them, you got to check out this song. Another song I thought was great was Tristesse Joie. This one is happier, hence the Joie in the song title which I believe means joy. Listen to this in your car while driving to go shopping with your best girls. You’ll feel like you’re in a middle of a music video – yes, that’s how deeply I connected with this song.

If you look at her appearance schedule on her MySpace, it looks like she’s quickly rising to the mainstream/stardom type of life. So go catch her and share her music with your friends before you’re known for jumping the band wagon. Start a new French music revolution in your group of friends!

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