Get Inspired…By Your Professors?

Let’s get real.

As I write this blog and as I have written it for the past half a year, I always ask myself: Is my audience really getting inspired? Maybe or maybe not.

But I hope that everyone gets inspired at least every once in a while. But what really does hit us deep? So much that it makes us want to dedicate our time to it? For me, sometimes it’s a beautiful painting I see. I look at something and I go straight to my local Michael’s to grab a sketchpad. Sometimes it happens when I see something on the runway and I want to redesign all my “sleep” clothes into something fabulous to wear on the weekend. Or maybe I’ll use all my free time to twist wires and play with tiny beads to create jewelry worthy enough to be deemed works of art.

These don’t last very long. As you can guess, my sketchpad is tossed somewhere in a pile with my other papers and my jewelry-making box full of beads are placed in the corner of my room, long forgotten. But there is something I found to be incredibly inspirational and it’s something that I won’t ever toss away. I found it in one of my classes.

I’m a Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations. Who knows what PR really is? Shrug. Throwing parties? Talking with the media? Sure, but this one class really caught me in a way where I was truly excited about my future. It made me believe in what I decided I would be doing for the rest of my life. Honestly, I thought I would be in and out of college. I thought the only worthy thing a college would give me would be my degree at graduation. But give it a chance, you’ll never know that you would get so much more.

They say that within one person’s lifetime there will only be two teachers whom one will have who will touch your lives. Have you found yours?

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