Get to know the Gracie!

Chic on the go!

Want a Gracie tech case? They will soon be available for sale online. Check back mid-January for more details!

We just launched our first product – the Gracie tech case – that comes in laptop and tablet sizes!

Here are all the deets you need to know on how this exciting product came to be…

First: Is there a real Gracie?

There sure is! Our Gracie-patterned tech case is actually named after a real Gracie! Gracie Schram, an ubër-talented 16-year old singer/songwriter, was our inspiration for the unique pattern you see on the bag. Not only is she well on her way towards her awesome goal, we are helping her go for it with a 1,000 Dreams Fund grant to make a music video. We can’t wait to see where she goes next!

Who designed the bags?

We worked with talented fashion designer Paul Marlow in NYC to come up with a collection of bag designs for the UChic brand. Once final, we then went to our Chicsters (UChic’s Ambassadors!) to test the concepts. Lucky for us, they loved it.

In 2015 we will be choosing a new pattern and naming it after a new girl who inspires us. Stay tuned for details!

What are you going to do with the money you raise?

UChic is a for-profit lifestyle brand whose product sales empower our girls through scholarships. 1000 Dreams is our EXCITING goal to fund 1000 real girls nationwide with scholarship funding. Once we hit that number, we will set our next milestone!

Recently, we raised over $29,000 for our Indiegogo Campaign and funded the dreams of over 10 girls, who are receiving up to $1000 in funding for a specific educational expense or extracurricular activity.

With this successful crowd-funding campaign under our belt, we are thrilled to go forward towards our mission of funding 1000 Dreams through the sales of UChic products like the Gracie tech case. These additional funds will go towards scholarships and expansion of the current line to include new styles, as well as a few extra surprises. So exciting!

Chic on the go!

Chic on the go!

Who is behind UChic?

UChic is the brainchild of founder Christie Garton, a longtime social entrepreneur and former social good blogger for USA Today, who knows from experience how awesome extracurricular experiences can unlock the door to one’s future success. For instance without the scholarship funding she received in college, Christie would never have had the opportunity to have her paper she authored be presented at an OECD conference in Paris that she got to attend. That led to other opportunities that led to further opportunities. Christie is thrilled to be able to launch a company that helps other young women unlock the doors to their own success in school and beyond.

Do you partner with non-profits, educational institutions or other organizations in any way?

We sure do! You can read more about our first partnership here [link “here” to huffpo article:]

In fact, we are accepting new partnership proposals right now! Have an event where you’d like to offer products other unique giftable items? We are thrilled to partner with other like-minded organizations to help fund their activities through custom products. Contact us for more info:

You can be fashionable while studying too!

You can be fashionable while studying too!

Can I buy the UChic Gracie Case anywhere?

Soon! In fact, this coming January 2015, we’ll have an exciting update on when and where you can find and purchase our Gracie tech case!

Are you a wholesaler looking to carry UChic?

Let’s talk! We are currently accessing other distribution opportunities to get our products in the hands of more amazing young women. Wholesalers and retail businesses are encouraged to contact us at for more information.

Head on over to 1,000 Dreams Fund to learn how to get funding for your dreams!