Glimpse of Gorgeous: All (Summer) Dressed Up and Ready to Go!

Summer is here! It’s time to forget about schoolwork, catch up with friends, lounge by the pool, take a vacation, and go after that summer fling (or better yet, let him come after you!), but theres always that one dreaded dilemma:Whatever shall you wear?

Summer fashion is risky. There is a fine line to be drawn between classy and trashy. Consequently, denim skirts and tube tops have a funny way of blurring that line. So, how does one maintain her elegance while staying cool and above all, cute? Well, I personally have already found my summer love: Dresses. Cute, comfy summer dresses.

There is nothing more fabulous than flouncing around in a light summer dress and lucky for us, dresses are making a comeback! They come in all different styles, lengths, and prints making it a guarantee that you will find one perfect for any summertime occasion.

I’ve found a great selection of dresses everywhere I’ve shopped thus far. Don’t be afraid to check out places like TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls who have cute, inexpensive, brand name clothes.

Now you can stop secretly wishing that Cinderella’s fairy godmother would bring you the perfect outfit. Put down the matches, step away from the closet, throw on that fabulous dress, go out, and be GORGEOUS.

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