Glimpse of Gorgeous: Bad Hair Day?

Everyone pointed, whispered (okay, they didn’t really bother to whisper) and posted pictures of Britney Spears after she shaved her head. The image of the bald former bubble-gum popstar was just more than most people could take. Me? I completely understood. I’ve had bad hair days too. She only did what a million girls around the world think about doing each morning.

The paparazzi can really put a damper on one’s quality of life, so I have put together some helpful tips (I tried to make them as non-cliche’ as possible) for controlling your mane and preventing Britney-esque breakdowns.

1.) Your hair is subject to damage long before you apply a million styling products and bust out the Chi Iron. In fact, it starts with the cut. Try and have your hair cut at least once every few months. Those who say every 6-8 weeks are obviously not in college or going to my stylist.

2.) The way you wash your hair and how often you do it really makes a difference in the amount of cooperation you will receive from it when styling. Try to avoid washing your hair everyday. If your hair is naturally oily, apply conditioner before shampooing and keep it away from the roots. Afterward, shampoo your hair with the conditioner still on the ends. Rinse with cold water to prevent frizzing.

3.) For all of you with luscious curls, avoid crunchy hair. Instead use a product like Garnier Fructis Soft Curls paste or Redken Fresh Curls. Then, use a diffuser to eliminate any chance of flat or flyaways. Your hair will be soft and beautiful all day.

4.) Whether it is with a $250 flatiron or the same iron you use to iron your pants, straightening your hair everyday is unhealthy. Washing your hair with shampoos especially for straight hair and blow-drying your hair straight will really help take the kinks out. Then, just run the straightener over the parts of your hair that still need straightening. If your hair is simply out-of-control, Try usingBed Head Control Freak anti-frizz serum before straightening to hide any indication of damage.

5.) Lastly, be nice to your hair. Don’t over-dye it. Don’t bleach it with Clorox. Don’t wear it in a tight ponytail everyday. Do not remove chunks of tangled hair with scissors or cut your hair with sewing shears.

6.)No matter how much you want to shave your head, I guarantee you will regret it. Persevere through the bad hair days and be GORGEOUS!

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