Glimpse of Gorgeous: Bags, Bags, Bags!

Being a handbag is probably the most difficult accessory job. Jewelry and hats just sit in one place all day long, their only job is to look pretty, while the handbag is swung around carrying heavy cargo such as cell phones, lip glosses, and if you’re my purse, textbooks, extra pairs of shoes, Mini Coopers…etc. I am totally lying, I can’t afford a Mini Cooper. But if I could afford one, it would be yellow because I am so obsessed with yellow right now!

Brightly Colored Handbags are the “it” accessory right now. They were all over the Spring Runways and add life and energy to every outfit. If you select a bold color such as kelly green, yellow, purple, electric blue or teal, it provides a perfect contrast to almost any look. I love Guess’ new yellow tote (pictured) and it would totally match my Mini Cooper.

If your handbag has got to do all of that heavy lifting, it should at least be able to look pretty like jewelry and hats, right? Right! How about a nice floral print? Florals are so big this season, and while you really have to search for them, there are some fabulous Floral Handbags out there. A floral handbag says, pretty and feminine on the outside, yet strong and durable.

Celebrities cannot seem to stop being photographed holding Oversized Clutches. This is a Fall trend that has made its way into Spring. Clutches are perfect if you aren’t a pack rat like me and you don’t have a lot of stuff to fit into your bag. You can do a clutch in a bright color, a floral, or a (faux) snakeskin material. Snakeskin is showing up even more and it adds a touch of glamor to a very playful spring wardrobe.

Whether big or small, yellow or teal, floral, clutch, or floral clutch, be nice to your handbag. Its job is harder than you think. This season, invest in at least one spring bag to carry your textbooks, spare shoes, and foreign cars and be GORGEOUS!

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