Glimpse of Gorgeous: Beach Beautiful (No Sand Required)

Growing up on the East Coast (Hampton, VA), summer vacation has always meant one thing: the beach. Going to the beach as much as I can, for as long as I can, whenever I can. I love the sound of waves crashing on the shore, picnicing on the sand, making fun of the tourists, and being stalked by seagulls. Yes, I even love the seagulls. The ocean calms my spirit and leaves its vague memory on my soul. And after a nice long relaxing day at the beach, I cannot resist checking my reflection in the mirror (even more than usual), because the ocean is not only my therapist, it is also my stylist.

Sun-kissed cheeks, salty, tousled curls, and that after-sunscreen scent are in my opinion, the sexiest summer styles. But don’t worry, you don’t need an ocean stylist or a salon stylist to achieve the exact same look.

I use Redken Fresh Curls Scrunching Spray when I am in Blacksburg or when I just can’t get to the ocean to recreate the exact same tousled look. After showering, brush your hair and part it as you usually do. Then, flip your head upside down and scrunch your hair using a towel to soak up the excess water. Next, spray your hair generously with the scrunching spray and flip your hair upside down repeating the same towel-scrunching process. Lastly, let it dry naturally or blow-dry on low. The spray brings out any natural curl or wave that your hair may be hiding. This even works on my sister whose hair is stick-straight.

Do you have a tanning-bed/pre-cancerous mole/premature wrinkle/sunshine phobia? No worries. You can still look like you’ve been on vacation by using MAC bronzing powder. There are five different shades. They range from lighter matte colors to dark shimmery ones. I use the darkest shimmery one to bring out my already tanned skin. Just use a cosmetic brush and apply it underneath your brow-line, along your cheek bones, and across the bridge of your nose. The powder is dark enough to give you a certain glow, but light enough to avoid the whole “I got in a fight with the sunless tanner and lost” look.

The six hour drive from Blacksburg to the oceanfront is worth it to me. No matter where you are, I advise making the trip. I guarantee the gas money will be cheaper than sessions of therapy. Plus, there is nothing like the sand between your toes, the wind tangling your hair, and the lingering smell of salt in the air. I recommend getting an authentic sun-kissed, tousled-hair look at least once in your lifetime. Just remember, it doesn’t work on lobster-fried faces, so load up on the SPF, drive out to the beach, and be GORGEOUS!

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