Glimpse of Gorgeous: Buying Handbags that Last

This past weekend, while I was at home, my best friend asked me what I would do if I only had a week to live. Being the type of girl who always thinks of others and also the type of girl who says the first thing on her mind, I replied, “I’d drive to New York, open up a bunch of credit cards, shop, and buy my sisters Chanel purses that they can pass down to their daughters.” I’m not even kidding. That’s exactly what I said. Because I know that if my nieces have to grow up without their fashionable Aunt Melanie, then I at least want them to have a great handbag.

For those of you (probably everyone who is reading this) who can’t afford Hermes or Chanel without the prospect of death, there are still some things you can keep in mind while selecting a great handbag for this season.

Fabric/Material: Leather is always a good choice. Patent is so hot this season and will modernize any look. Heavy, stronger materials will cost more, but last (as long as you don’t carry spare cinderblocks in your bag). Just make sure it says 100% Authentic Leather somewhere on the tags because fake will peel or fall apart.

Color: Choose a bold color that will add contrast to your outfits. As Stacy London would say, “It doesn’t have to match, it just has to go.” I love red for accessories. It never gets tired. Try plum, kelly green, fuschia, burnt orange, or mustard yellow to add some spice to any outfit.

Size: If you are small, there is no real point in carrying an oversized bag unless one of your friends plans to carry you around in it, like Polly Pocket. Select your bag in proportion to your body size and shape. The length of the handles/straps also plays a key role in how well your bag will compliment your figure.

Purses are such fabulous accessories. They are the female version of baseball cards or whatever it is that men hoard these days. Purses are collectable and some may be worth more than others. Try to snag a few good ones to save as “future vintage”. Choose classic and high quality materials so that one day, your heir will have the same opportunity to be GORGEOUS!

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