Glimpse of Gorgeous: Fabulous Colors for Fall

You have not seen autumn until you’ve lived in the mountains. The vibrant shades of reds, yellows, and oranges, color the landscapes and cause your brain to wonder whether God just reached down and painted them while the world slept. Between the colors of the trees and the crazed Hokie football fans decked in head to toe maroon and orange, fall is never mistakable in Blacksburg.

However, the fashion gods are bringing us some other vibrant hues this season. The fall runways were painted in rich, glamorous color combinations while the rest of the world stared bright-eyed with amazement.

I’ve dreamed of saying this all my life: Grey is officially the new black! Although black is slimming, classic, and forever timeless, grey is really a way to modernize black. Look for grey trenches and drop-waist coats or try a grey sweater dress with brightly colored accessories.

I am loving midnight blues, deep plums, and fushica because I happen to look fabulous in them. Wear them in the form of dresses or pair one with an overall neutral outfit for an extra pop. If you’re feeling extra brave, how bout some eyeshadow? what about nail polish? or maybe just a pair of sexy pumps?

As for accessories, matching your shoes to your bag is so over and so are boring, muted handbags.The way I see it, you can’t go wrong with a colored bag (anything in patent is so hot right now). If you select a handbag in a deep kelly green or a burnt orange, you won’t have to change your purse to match your outift. Plus, there is a lower risk of forgetting your wallet (or God forbid, your lipgloss!). I am also loving the use of metallics and hardware to create modern, stylish bags, and I just cannot get enough of the black and gold combination.

The colors this season are so rich and beautiful and produce the same soul-stirring effect in me as the changing leaves in the mountains. Take advantage of them and stock up on pieces in colors that you love.

Enjoy Fall in all of its beauty while it lasts. Soon it will be winter and we’ll be forced to contemplate the fashion legitmacy of Uggs (again). And whether you’re shopping, watching the leaves change, or just enjoying some Hokie football, don’t forget to be GORGEOUS!

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